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Two types of membership exist

You can browse this site and our database whitout having to be a member.

By becoming a member, you gain access to additional services. Two types of membership exist : the guest member (affiliation free of charge) and the full member (affiliation at a cost of 20 €). The services linked to these affiliation types are hereunder explained.

As guest member, you will receive a newsbrief from our Association and you may participate to our yearly internet auction as buyer.
This access is FREE OF CHARGE and you can decide to become a full member at any moment. You can support our initiatives and help us to further develop this site by making a donation to our N.P.M.A.

As full member, you have the same advantadges as guest member.
The annual fee is 20 €.
Additionnaly :
- you can participate to our monthly meetings as buyer and seller
- you can depose lots to be sold at our yearly internet auction
- you will receive our publication

You can pay by money wire transfer or Paypal. No checks accepted. You can find our contact details on the page 'Who are we ?'.
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