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You will find here some advices that will speed up your searches.

1. The criteria can be combined. So, don't hesitate to enter several one in order to limit the search results.

2. To search on the name of the company, we recommend to only introduce part of it and preferably the most significant one. Launch the search and select the desired bond or share among the one listed. Be familiar with the typing conventions. For example, if you are looking for the share of the "Société Anonyme Belge de Tramways Néerlandais Harlem et Extensions" this one has been encoded, according to the conventions, as "TRAMWAYS NEERLANDAIS HARLEM ET EXTENSIONS, S.A. BELGE DE". To find it quickly, enter in the field 'name' : "Harlem et extensions" and launch the search. Several items will be listed, select the desired one.

3. The 'name' field is not case sensitive. Nevertheless, if you use small letters, don't forget to drop the accentuation. Indeed 'é' in big letter has been tipes as 'E'. The only accentuation present on big letters is the '¨'. So, 'ü' has been typed as 'Ü'. A search on "établissements" will not give any result, you must specify "Etablissements", "etablissements"or "ETABLISSEMENTS".

4. In order to speed up your searches, you may enter only part of a name. So to look for any stock certificate from "Ciments Portland de Konstantinofka", you will probably simply need to enter "tinofka".

5. To search by country and theme, select both in the available options. Pay attention to the fact that a difference is made between the country of activity and of the registered office.To make a search by theme and country, select respectively these in drop-down menus. Pay attention that a difference is made between the country of the head office and the country where the company had its main activity, ' country of activity '.

6. Certain themes are general and the others are subdivisions of these. When it was possible to classify a company in one sub-subject, the more general subject was not generally awarded. A brewery will so usually be listed under the theme "beer" and not "food", a coal mining under "coalmines" and not "mines", a gold mine under "gold, silver, platinum" and not "mines". So if you wish lists by theme, do not forget to search the 'under-themes'.

7. Nevertheless as bonds and shares can be classified in 2 or several different independant themes, this has usually been done. Thus a colonial company of construction will be found under the theme "colonies" and "construction".

8. When you make a search by head office, verify the various possible writings of cities in the various languages. So for Antwerp, also try "Antwerpen - dutch name " and "Anvers - French name ". Contrary in the name of the share, the city must here have entered in its entirety.