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The dematerialization in Belgium : why , when, how, ... ?

The dematerialized "shares" are the shares which are deposited on a securities account in the name of the owner and which cannot be obtained under material shape.

The dematerialization of the securities has for objective to eliminate the circulation of the "paper" titles and thus to decrease the frauds: escape the inheritance taxes, the blanchiement of money.... An owner of bearer share is the legal owner and does not have to prove the origin. The dematerialization will make compulsory the deposit of these titles on an account nominative with a bank.

In Belgium, the law which concerns the abolition of bearer bonds was published in the Belgian Monitor on December 23rd, 2005. It will have various effects spread from January 1st, 2008 but are concerned only the bearer bonds of Belgian law, that is emitted by Belgian companies. The foreign securities can be kept under ' paper ' form and continued to be passed on from hand to hand. For detailed information on this law, consult your bank.

FOR ALL YOUR BONDS AND SHARES, consult us if your bank says to you that they are worth nothing more. In every case, do not destroy them or do not leave them to your bank for destruction! For all the securities which are not quoted in stock exchange, banks indeed have only a minimal knowledge of what is still valid or not. You can consult some examples of incompetence on the subject and so realize the money which could eventually lost this way.

Finally, if your titles turn out worthless, they can interest us we the collectors. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for an evaluation of these.