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Our 26th auction, held in May 2010, was a success again. 74% of the lots were sold and, in average, 50% above their start price that were quite low and uncomparable to the one you can see in international auctions. Our members realised this and the one who submitted absentee bids close to the start prices were sometimes disappointed to get only few of the desired pieces ... Next time they will have to submit higher bids. And when you will see the quality of our next auction, I can already tell you that some lots will again be fought for.

All lots that were sold can be viewed with the auction result.

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Photo lot # 301
L'Armurerie Liégeoise
La Habanera / Tabac en Russie
Lot nr 318 , started 70 €
Lot nr 79 , started 15 €
Lot nr 4 , started 15 €
sold 140 €
sold 32 €
sold 22 €