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Conditions of sale

Participating to our annual auction is a service only available to our effective members (20€ annual fee) or guest members (5€ annual fee). Every member bidding in this auction, will pay 5€ extra if he did not pay his annual cotisation yet.

The prices in our auction catalogue are starting-prices, and no lower bid will be accepted. The EURO (€) is the only currency acceted for bidding or buying (though we accept payments in euro, US Dollar (USD) and British Pounds (£)). Auction bids may be sent us by mail, Email or FAX

Paiements can be done by European wire money transfer or Paypal. No cash neither cheques are accepted.

There is no additional fee to pay on what you buy. You only have to add the shipping and handling cost : 8 € for Belgium, 13 € for Europe, 16 € for the rest of the world and 21 € for Russia and Ukraine (special insurance necessary due to regular theft of shipped items). All items are shipped via registered mail. The shipping costs are independant of the number of lots bought !

In case of competitive bids, the lot will be sold to the highest bidder for an amount limited to the next highest bid + the bid step. This is the commonly used system by auction houses and on Ebay. So if your bid is €300 and the next highest bid is €200, the hammer price will be €220 (200€ + 20€ of bid step for prices between 200 and 500€) . Bid steps are : 1 € for prices between 5 and 10 €, 2 € for prices between 10 and 50 €, 5 € for prices between 50 and 100 €, 10 € for prices between100 and 300 €, 20 € for prices between 300 and 500 €, 50 € above 500 €.

When several bonds or shares are being sold in one lot, the start price is for each piece individually and not for the whole lot or part of it except when stated in the remark. You may obviously bid on several items.

The bought certificates are sent after having received your payement. An average of 2 weeks has to be accounted between reception of your paiement and you receiving the certificates.

The photos of the bonds and shares being auctioned do not always correspond to the one being really sold. The buyer thus has no guarantee to receive the number of the photo. There can also be a quality difference between the represented paper and the one being sold (better or less good quality). The quality specified in the bid is the correct one. This is due to the fact that all the sold papers are not systematically scanned and that archive photos are sometimes used.

The authenticity of the goods is guaranteed by the Association. Should any dispute arise, the item has to be returned within eight days of receipt.

The sale of the goods is made by the Association acting in the name of, and for account of, the seller. The Association is authorised to protect all the seller’s rights, in accordance with the sales instructions given to him, and, in the event of an effective sale, to act in the name of, and on behalf of, the seller. Until the goods sold are paid for in full by the buyer, they remain the seller’s property; only after receipt of payment in full do the goods become the property of the buyer. The Association will at no time be the owner of the goods.

The seller guarantees that he is the rightful owner of, or may legitimately dispose of, the goods being offered. He guarantees also that he has no knowledge whatever to the effect that the goods have been acquired unlawfully, and also that no third party can claim any rights (pledge, collateral, etc.) over those goods.

The Association for Scripophily being a non profit organization, it is not assujetie in the V.A.T. Sellers and buyers subject to V.A.T. must comply with the amended current V.A.T. instructions dated January 2, 1995 (No.E.T. 76, E.T. 10.187, rules laid down in section 58 § 4 of the V.A.T. code).