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WORTHLESS BONDS AND SHARES ? Yes according to your bank, but not to our knowledge ...

As explained in the dematerialization of the bonds and shares, banks have only a minimal knowledge of the value of the securities not listed in stock exchange. Here is an example of valid title, valuated approximately 50€ in public sale, brought in with a big Belgian bank for recouponnement and returned with a "worthless" mention. Nevertheless this bank Zairean is the subsidiary, in Congo, of this Belgian bank.

bordereau de remise des titres, avec cachet sans valeur de la banque
photo de l'action sans valeur d'après une banque
Deposit slip of the shares, returned by the bank with the 'worthless' mention
Share of the Bank of Belgian Congo, subsidiary of Fortis in Congo

And the examples could be numereous ...

We can help you there where banks are failing...