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Russian bonds and shares : a little bit of history.

Historically, Russia appealed massively to the markets of foreign capital in the years 1860-1917 and this to develop its economy or pay off its previous loans. Numerous city or Government loans were so placed by European banks with their clientele. Numerous companies were also created in Russia with foreign capital. We can say that at the beginning of the century, the " Russian title " (bond or share) was a part of the portfolio standarde the saver.

Opposite title of the Imperial Government of Russia of 1869, Government loan contracted to build the railroad Nicolas.

Photo d'un emprunt d'état russe

The new regime stemming from the Bolshevik revolution ( 1917 ) did not recognize the debts contracted by the former regime and declared invalid all these debts. All the foreign companies, and thus financed by foreign capital, present on the territory were nationalized. So the new regime snapped up on near 15 billion Euro of BELGIAN assets (without interest), Decree of Lenine - February 1918. Numerous small savers thus met themselves ruined of numerous bonds of state or Russian cities, or shares of Russian companies. What explains that these bonds and shares are present in big quantities on the scripophily market.

Opposite loan of 10.000.000 of the roubles issued by the city of Odessa in 1902, 100-rouble bond.

Photo d'un emprunt émis par la ville d'Odessa

At the world level, amounts are even more important. Certain countries concluded an agreement with Russia to be compensated. France, latest, received in 1991 400 million dollars of Russia as compensation. In Belgium, one association has been created in 1999 to defend the carriers of Russian securities: Scriptae Russia Manent.

Opposite share issued by the company ' GEORGI ANTONOV '.

Photo d'une action russe émise par une société privée

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