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Terms and conditions

This site has been developed in order to help our Associatione to promote scripophily. By becoming either a guest or full member, you agree to respect the internal rule book. The full rule book can be received on demand. The most important points are summarized below :

  • this site can be freely accesed but some services are only available to members
  • the full member that has given us a valid E-mail adress, will have access to the functions that allow him/her to manage his/her collection
  • the Association makes free evaluation of bonds and shares owned by not members. Nevertheless, if these certificates are later being sold in one of our auctions, a fee of 20% will be subtracted to the auction result. This fee is used to cover part of our administrative costs. If some certificates still have a market value, one of our members specialized in this domain will advise on the best way of being reimbursed.
  • every full member who did not pay his membership fee, will be deleted from our lists after one reminder.
  • the full members are the only ones entitled to sell certificates during the different types of auctions organized by our association
  • all members may buy certificates on this site, nevertheless only full members may participate actively to our meetings and act as buyers during these ones.
  • all personal data that is entered through this site will only be accessible by you and will not be communicated to third parties.
  • by giving us a valid E-mail adress, you accept to receive E-mail from our Association. Nevertheless, you may decide not to receive commercial E-mails from us.

Being a non profit organization, we do not want to be 'dealers' in scripophily. Nevertheless, we try to provide a maximum of services to our members and to persons that contact us. This includes helping them to sell certificates they would have.