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You have found old bonds and shares in your attic or received a package of them during an inheritance.
What are they worth ?

You can consult the information available on this subject in the menu ' Old certificates, which value? ' But as there is no catalog and as the prices fluctuate widely according to the offer and the demand, the simplest is to contact us by email, by telephone or by letter.

This valuation service is offered free of charge by our Association. It is important to indicate that in the lots for which an estimate is asked, we find regularly valid shares with sometimes important residual values.

The counters of banks, submerged by multiple activities, are incapable to supply this information and certain traders and collectors are going to try to acquire them to you cheap!
We are an NPO and we make a sense of honor to communicate you this information!

If afterward, you wish to sell your bonds and shares, we can bring them under the hammer within our Association or propose you a price for the lot. Every month we organize an auction during our monthly meeting where as well the members as the outside persons can put on sale lots.
A 20 % commission is taken on the results of the sale to cover our running costs.
Opposite very common and almost unsaleable share. On the other hand, it is generally found with the coupon 42 still attached, which is worth another 0.5 €

Titre très très courant. Uniquement vendable en grandes quantités.
Magnifique titre, assez rare 'ANVERSOISE DE CARTONNAGES & BISEAUTAGES S.A., SOC'.
If you contact us by e-mail, by telephone or by mail. To be able to estimate at best your bonds and shares, we shall need the following information: name of the company (Example: Mines d'Or du Kilo-Moto), its type (share, bond, ...), the year of issue, the state of preservation and the number to be eventually sold. Indeed, certain common shares are sold in lot because unsaleable per piece. Finally, you can also address various traders and collectors but they are not all honest and the lure of gain is there... As NPO we try to obtain the best price for your bonds and shares.

Opposite: magnificent title, rather scare and valued between 400-600 €