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Two types of membership exist

You can browse this site and our database whitout having to be a member.

By becoming a member, you gain access to additional services. Two types of membership exist : the guest member (5€ annual fee) and the effective member (20 € annual fee ). The services linked to these affiliation types are hereunder explained.

As guest member has, according the status of our Association, the following rights :
  . take part to our annual special auction at the conditions stated in our conditions of sale
  . deposit, via en affective member, documents to be presented during a monthly meeting or our annual special auction
  . take part to the public events organised or sponsored by our Association
  . a guest member has no voting right

As effective member, you have all the rights linked to being member of a NPO, including voting rights. You will have soon access online to the electronic version of the Receuils Financiers.

To become a member (guest or effective), send us an email with your data., Your membership will become effective after having receiverd your annual fee.

You can pay by money wire transfer or Paypal. No checks accepted. You can find our contact details on the page 'Who are we ?'.
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