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Why make a donation to our non-profit-making Association ?

The work which we made is already enormous. We have more than 34000 bonds and shares listed with more than 20000 pictures. We published a first catalog and work on the second. This web site allows us to communicate you, free of charge for most of the time, all this information. All this work asks not only for a lot of energy but also some money. By helping us financially, not only do you recognize our work but especially you help us to continue to work on the various options which we would like to develop. Some more of listed bonds and shares, more pictures, new catalogs to be published, to finish encoding various reference catalogs and some more features for this site.
The already realized work is enormous but it still remains a lot to do. We would already like to order a new version of this site.
For all these reasons, we need your support.

The development and the regular update of a WEB SITE IS EXPENSIVE as well as the hosting of this one with more than 20000 photos, thank you in advance for your support.

You can donate us cash or offer us an old package of bonds and shares of which you want to get rid.
We accept the French and American checks but without naming the beneficiary.

Our contact details :
Belgian Association for Scripophily
Avenue de Chérémont 107
B-1300 Wavre
Phone :+ 32 (0)10 22 75 58
Fax :+ 32 (0)10 22 75 58
E-mail :
BE Bank account : 320-0413737-05
IBAN code: BE96320041373705
PAYPAL E-mail adress:

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